Zika virus facts you need to know

Zika virus facts you need to know

Zika virus is the most dangerous virus of the current time which is still to be cured. This dangerous disease is creating a great fear all over the world. Today we have 10 interesting  Zika virus facts that can help to know about it and stay aware

Mosquito bites, sex and Zika

transmissionZika virus transmits by the mosquito bites and sexual relations. It is an RNA virus which is transmitted from one person to another with the help of mosquito bites.It  transmits from sexual relation from one partner to another.

Unborn babies are highly affected and Risky for Virus

unborn babiesPregnant woman are more likely to get attacked by disease faster due to which unborn babies are at higher risk from this disease which can cause different disabilities in the child.

Still no vaccine and cure

no vaccAlthough the the virus is rapidly spreading throughout the world and huge number of people have already lost their lives due to it, the vaccine and cure for the virus is still unknown. Lets hope we can soon have a cure to this as scientists are working on it.

Risk rises with the temperature

high tempThe number of mosquitoes and their transmission increases in the hot temperature. So the risk for this diseases rises with the rise with the temperature.

80 percent Zika  Patients without symptoms

no symptomsThe most dangerous fact about Zika is that its symptoms is not seen in 80% of the affected person. So the person suffering from Zika virus remain unaware about it which leads to death.

Firstly discovered in Africa

zika virus factsZika virus was firstly discovered in April, 1947 from a rhesus macaque monkey in Uganda by the scientists of the Yellow Fever Research Institute.

Behind the name Zika

zika nameThe fact behind the name is that it was first dicovered in the Zika forest in 1947 located in Uganda. The scientist named  virus  as Zika after the discovery of this virus.

Zika virus is spreading very fast

spreading very fastZika virus is spreading very fast all over the world and many recent reports suggest that it has reached the Florida too. The 2016 Rio olympic has also been in a radius because of the reports that suggest the spreading more faster due to olympics.

Long term effect

long term effectThe effect of Zika virus will be seen for long term even in the next generation as per the medical reports. This leads to the severe disabilities in upcoming generations.

Some countries using genetically modified mosquitoes to fight

zika virus factsBrazil along with many other countries are using the tools of genetically modified mosquitoes to fight against the Zika virus. They are using such mosquitoes to destroy the affected mosquitoes.