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10 Interesting Facts about Nepal

10 Interesting Facts about Nepal

10 Interesting Facts about Nepal

Nepal is a naturally beautiful country in the world. The country in South Asia has many beautiful facts to explain. Here are 10 interesting facts about Nepal.



Nepal is one of the country which is never colonized or invaded by any foreign nation. Brave Gurkhas have not let others to invade their nation. As a result, Nepal has not got any Independence Day.

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National Flag

nepal flag

Most of the countries in the world have almost similar flags i.e.rectangular. But the national flag of Nepal is unique. It has got triangular shape making it the most unique national flag in the world.

Living Goddess

living goddess in nepal
Nepal has the only living goddess in the world called Kumari.  Kumari, literally means “virgin” in Nepali.

Amazon of Asia

In terms of biodiversity, Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world.  About 8.9% birds of the world are found in Nepal.

Religious Diversity

Nepal has got great variety in its religion and languages.  Nepal has over 92 Ethnic groups and over 135 languages which is huge in terms of number.

Alcohol Consumption

According to the survey, only 1% of the people of Nepal consume wine which is quite surprising. Spirits and beers are the majority consumption.

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Unique Handshake

People of Nepal don’t often handshake when they meet or greet. They have got a very unique style of greeting by bowing their head and saying “Namaste”(I salute the God in you). “Namaste” is considered healthy than a handshake as it prevents transferable diseases too.

Densest Concentration of world heritage sites

world heritage
Nepal has the densest concentration of World Heritage Sites. The capital of the country,Kathmandu,alone has 7 World Heritage Sites within a radius of 15 Km.

Unique stone

facts nepal
Shaligram stone, the black colored ammonoid fossil is found only in Nepal. It is the representation of Lord Vishnu in Hindu religion.

Altitude Variation

alttude variatin
Nepal is the only country to have the altitude variation that ranges from 70 meters to  8,848 meters. It has one of the highest lake, deepest gorge, highest valley and 8 out of 10 highest peaks in the world.