7 Interesting Ginger Facts

Ginger is multi functional vegetation. It is used as a remedy for several health problem. It was used very frequently in past days for curing several disease. Here are the interesting ginger facts which is good for your health.

Ginger is rhizome not root


Ginger is actually a rhizome. Rhizome is the underground plant stem which is able to produce root and shoot systems of a new plant.

Ginger as Preservative

ginger as prservative

Ginger is regarded as multi functional root which was used as preservative in the ancient days. No doubt it was the best tool for preserving the foods as there were no technology as we have today.

Ginger helps treat digestive problems


Ginger plays vital role to treat digestive problems. It helps to stimulate gastric juices reducing the chances of the gastric problem.

China is the largest producer of Ginger


China has the largest production of Ginger in the world. Others to follow are Brazil, Jamaica and Nigeria.

Ginger can reduce muscle pain

ginger facts

A study reports, consuming 2 grams of ginger a day, for 11 days. It significantly reduced muscle pain in people performing elbow exercises.

Ginger provides variety of vitamins and mineral


Ginger is very rich in Vitamins and Minerals. It provides around 20 vitamins and minerals including Carbohydrate, Vitamin B6 and Sodium.

A pound of  ginger worth a sheep


The worth of pound of ginger was a worth of a sheep in thirteen and fourteen centuries. It shows the value ginger held during the ancient days.

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