7 interesting Banana facts that are hard to digest

banana facts

Bananas are one of the famous and tastier fruit in the world. It is  4th highest consumed agricultural product in the world. No doubts, it is favorite for all. There are many secret behind the taste of bananas The interesting banana facts that may be hard to digest are as follows.

banana facts

Bananas can improve your stamina and athletic performance

As per the recent study from Appalachian State University’s Human Performance Lab, Bananas can improve your stamina along with  the athletic performance. It also provides antioxidants which makes bananas better than other energy drinks.

Bananas are more cheaper since 1980

The price of bananas has fallen since 1980s. The price of bananas has lower by 37% since 1980s.The main reasons behind the decline are greater efficiencies in production, distribution, and transportation according to Mark J. Perry, professor of economics at The University of Michigan.

One banana gives 15% of vitamin C everyday

Banana provides 15 percent of the daily requirement for vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that helps neutralize damaging free radicals and helps keep systemic inflammation at range.

Uganda is the highest consumer of Bananas

Uganda has the highest average per person consumption of bananas every year. Ugandans consume 500 pounds of bananas per person every year which is the  highest number of consumption per person all over the world.

4th largest agricultural product in the world.

Banana is the 4th largest agricultural product in the world lead  by the wheat, rice and corn. The consumption  all over the world in a year is over  100 billion.

1000 types of bananas all over the world

There are around 1000 types of bananas plant all over the world. Most of them are unpalatable currently. Cavendish bananas are the type of banana plant that are used currently all over the world.

Bananas contain blood pressure lowering potassium

A medium banana has 422 mg potassium while being sodium-free. The high potassium-to-sodium ratio helps to neutralize the blood-pressure raising effects of sodium in your diet.

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